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Despair is NOT an Option

Advocate & Donate

Donate to pro-democracy groups

Follow and/or financially support groups that will help you direct your dollars strategically to the most critical elections. 

Host a gathering

Host a gathering to raise funds for one of activist groups mentioned here or any other that you like.

Connect organizations

In addition to donating, make sure that organizations doing similar or complementary work know about one another.  Start by sharing this website.

Reach out to elected officials

Support the democracy infrastructure

  • Make sure younger voters register to vote, and actually vote.  Donate to Feel Good Action.

  • Provide moral support for your local elections officials as they act courageously to fight for our democracy.

  • Join a group recruiting for poll workers: e.g. Power the Polls or for locals candidates in your state.

  • Democracy rests on an engaged electorate, but for decades young people have not been represented as they fail to make it to the polls to vote.  The last few elections we’ve seen an uptick in youth voter engagement and we want to take that to new levels. The number one reason people don’t vote is, they say, nobody asked them to vote.  Why Do You Vote works to change that.

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