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Despair is NOT an Option

The Story of the 'Don't Despair' Website

We created this site because we each know people who may feel overwhelmed or hopeless or don’t know how to positively support protecting our democracy.  Despair is not an option and hope is not a strategy but there are things we can all do. 

Preparing for the 2024 political campaign season involves having accurate, reliable background information and taking actions with impact. Donating is vital but it’s not the only way to make a difference. Taking even one small action a day or a week can have an impact. 

Who are we?

Created by members of Women Donors Network, the 'Despair is NOT an Option' site is designed to increase engagement on the part of anyone who is concerned with the growing threats to our democracy. It contains tools and resources to motivate anyone who feels worried, discouraged, disaffected or overwhelmed to act.

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